Highrise Haven

Home Design Plan - By Ron Robinett

If you are thinking about starting a project on your home, no matter how simple - or grand - your plans may be, I can provide you with design, inspiration, direction, and set you on the path of creating a home that looks, feels, and functions just the way you want to live!

Highrise Haven

Doodles - Dining Room



Doodles - a Grandmother's Creativity

Over the course of many years, one woman found her outlet for relaxation and creative exploration lay in creating beautifully intricate doodles. When her granddaughter showed us this incredible collection of more than 500 doodles, we just HAD to incorporate them into her dining room design project, by making thema visual centerpiece for the room. 

Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge - THE VIEW

When you have a 180 degree view from the 17th floor of a Central Phoenix high rise, how can you not make that the focal point?! This amazing 3 bedroom unit underwent an extensive renovation that played off the modern style of the building, but reached out and incorporated all the comforts of casual living...with all the right bling in just the right places!

The Willo - Historic Tudor

Historic Tudor - THE WILLO

The Willo neighborhood is one of the gems of downtown Phoenix, with a mix of historic architecture styles and unique aesthetics. With this design project, the home definitely had stage presence...but the stage itself needed a complete revamp! It was an incredible opportunity and a fun challenge for BigWowHOME to take on! While retaining the existing footprint, this beauty went through a complete top-to-bottom remodel, ultimately living up to the gem it was always meant to be. 


Take a walled in Arizona Room and create an open living space for the way we live today!


"It's not done, until it's over-done!

(Then step back and edit just a little)”

- BigWowHOME Manifesto

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Parking and entrance for BigWowHOME is located at the rear of the building, and is accessed via the alley between the north end of our building and the adjacent animal hospital. Please do not park in the animal hospital parking lot.



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