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About Home Design Planning

It all starts with a 1st date…

Meet Ron: I like to think of myself as a fun, inspiring guy who believes that solid relationships start with dating; the simple act of taking the time to get to know you, listening, collaborating, sharing ideas, and fostering the spirit of creativity.


If you are thinking about starting a project on your home, no matter how simple - or grand - your plans may be, I can provide you with design, inspiration, direction, and set you on the path of creating a home that looks, feels, and functions just the way you want to live!


So… How about a 1st date? It’s on me!

For our 1st date, we’ll meet and have a little something to drink and nibble on while we chat a bit about you and your home. It’s really important for me to ‘get you’, so you’ll take a little Style Quiz and we’ll talk about what you’re looking for in terms how your home looks, feels, and most importantly, can support the lifestyle you dream of. Our time together is long enough to be beneficial, but not intrusive or overwhelming. But…if you’ve had a great time, you can decide to invite me on a 2nd date!


If you decide we should see each other again, here is an idea for a 2nd date:

Walk and Talk 

I will meet you at your home, where we can walk the space together and brainstorm some creative ideas and solutions. I will take some pictures and sketch right on-site, so that you’ll have a design concept (or two) that you can either run with on your own, or you can work with me to take those ideas and manifest them into reality. 


(Estimate Provided On Request)

Home Design Plan

If you are looking for that Big Idea plan for your home, then I’m your guy. I will help create the Big Idea HOME DESIGN PLAN that paints the vision of what your home can become. When we are done you can take your Home Design Plan and turn it into your reality.

(Estimate Provided On Request)

What is a “Home Design Plan”? 

(the overall concept that paints the picture of what your home could be)

In a nutshell, a Home Design Plan pairs the ‘big ideas’ with the practicality of life, blending the possibilities of how your lifestyle, design aesthetic, and functionality needs of your home all fit together. It contains the design concept, space plan, and overall creative vision of what your home can be - the big idea - all wrapped into a plan. Ultimately, it helps to ‘paint the picture’ of what your home can be, before you connect with experts who help you execute in order to obtain the finished product.


Why would I need a “Home Design Plan”? 

(save time, money, and have more fun!)

We all know life is easier if we have a plan…from what to buy at the grocery store, to how you’re going to put the kids through college. So why would your home be any different? A Home Design Plan provides specialized experts - or any number of professional tradesmen from landscapers to painters, engineers to your contractor - a foundational roadmap, ensuring that everyone who many be involved in turning the vision of your home into a reality is firmly on the same page. Whether it’s a plan for one room - or your entire home - having a plan will save you time, money, and most importantly will set up the path to creating a home that looks, feels, and functions just the way you want to live!


When can I start my “Home Design Plan”? 

(when you invite Ron an a 2nd date “Walk & Talk”)

Because you are interested in a “Home Design Plan” we will focus our “Walk & Talk” date around tailoring a plan specifically to you; factoring everything from budget and timeline, to creative vision and implementation needs. Whether your plan calls for a one room design plan, or an entire home design plan, we will be able to land on a budget that will get you to where you want to go. 


How much is a “Home Design Plan”?

(estimate Provided On Request after we go on a “Walk & Talk” date)

Your plan will be tailored specifically to you; factoring everything from scope, budget and timeline, to build you a plan that delivers you the vision of what your home can become.

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